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For various reasons. So I shall try to make up for it over the next few days.

First, it was Pride Day in Ottawa today.

So to celebrate, here is That Kind Of Bear (My friend [personal profile] the_ogre):

a long-haired, strongly-built man in a black kilt, leather vest, and combat boots

And also, Bear Families Value Diversity! Some bears are black:

a female black bear stands with two cubs by the side of a road. She appears to be 'barking' at them in warning

Right click and view image to enlarge

Some bears are white:

an adult polar bear and a cub curled up together, with the cub in front

Right click and view image to enlarge

Some Bears Are Single, And That's Okay:

a lone grizzly bear walks through shallow water, in which he is reflected, with mountains in the background

Right click and view image to enlarge
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